As an investor, you have the tough job of making sense of information from many disparate sources in real-time. BondLink simplifies your research and surveillance workflow by providing you with the tools you need to create a customized portfolio and stay up-to-date on your favorite issuers and/or credits.
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Build and track a portfolio of BondLink issuers

Research and surveillance across the market are essential but there’s always a subset of issuers you want to keep a close eye on. BondLink allows you to easily create a custom portfolio of issuers or credits you want to stay in the know about. Building your custom portfolio is as easy as bookmarking any issuer, credit, or bond sale on the BondLink Platform. After adding any of these items to your portfolio you will immediately see a related summary appear at the top of your dashboard. Each summary includes quick financial facts about the added item, along with quick links to pertinent information and a one-click contact option to start a conversation with a designated contact person.

Stay up-to-date on issuer activity

Having timely information at your fingertips is an important input to any investment decision. The Issuer Feed allows you to monitor the activity of all issuers, including newly posted documents and project updates, in a timeline-style activity feed. Within the Issuer Feed you can add an issuer, credit, or bond sale to your custom portfolio, as well as filtering the feed to only the activities or time periods you care about.

Never miss a bond sale

BondLink provides you with an enhanced calendar of all its upcoming bond sales. In addition to the sale date and sale amount that you are accustomed to seeing on other calendars, your BondLink calendar will include any available documents, investor presentations, and links to any material details.

Simplify the issuer discovery process

In addition to making your research and surveillance processes as painless as possible, part of our core value is helping you discover issuers and credits you have not had time to research in the past. Issuer Discovery is a powerful search engine that allows you to quickly sift through the entire BondLink issuer ecosystem with the input of a sector, geography, CUSIP, or even keyword. After identifying a new credit you can visit their investor relations site or add them to your portfolio.

Create personalized alerts & notifications

To ensure you have the most up-to-date information about items in your portfolio, BondLink allows you to set up daily notifications and/or real-time alerts. You are automatically subscribed to daily notifications for any item in your portfolio. These daily notifications are delivered once per day to your email inbox, and include any changes or updates in a single email. Real-time alerts can be manually configured through your account settings. These alerts appear in your browser as updates or new items are available.

Get in touch with issuers by just clicking a button

Because it’s critical that you are able to quickly contact issuers with questions and requests for additional information, BondLink provides you with a one-click contact option. This contact option exists for any issuer added to your portfolio. After clicking the contact option you will be provided with a contact form where you can easily add your questions or requests. The contact submission goes directly to a designated contact person in the office of the issuer who will respond as soon as they are available.

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