Step into the future of municipal finance with BondLink Primary - the all-in-one platform that simplifies the deal marketing process and unites your teams with actionable intelligence.
Municipal finance teams trusted BondLink to help issue nearly $60B in 2023
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Modernize Your Investor Outreach

Say goodbye to outdated, disjointed bond sale distribution practices and hello to a modern solution that’s as easy to use as it is powerful. BondLink Primary provides working groups with easy-to-use tools that expand investor distribution, streamline deal preparation, uncover critical pre-sale intelligence for issuer clients, and offer a preferred research vehicle for municipal credit analysts.

More Effective Bond Sale Marketing

Market your deals with confidence by leveraging BondLink Primary’s dedicated Deal Pages. Prospective buyers prefer the simplicity of receiving offering documents, ratings information, investor roadshows, project descriptions, team information, and more from a single, customized Deal Page that’s equally easy for working groups to share and update. You’ll also receive expanded distribution by tapping into the thousands of investors in BondLink’s growing network.

Enhanced Pre-Sale Intelligence

BondLink Primary provides every firm with a dedicated intelligence dashboard that captures robust investor activity in real-time ahead of a pricing. View, filter, and sort this data to continuously manage your deal strategies and offer more value to your issuer clients. Stay ahead of the curve and start collecting comprehensive insights that drive success.

Streamlined Deal Preparation

One platform for deal preparation. With BondLink Primary, you receive POS & OS printing, investor roadshows (live or recorded), one-click dissemination to the market, and dedicated customer support. Easily post to the Ipreo calendar, reach your distribution lists, disseminate to thousands of potential investors, and update your deal information on one turnkey web-based Deal Page. Plus, automated alerts keep all stakeholders in the know without any additional hassle or manual work.

Superior resources built to work for you

Dedicated Deal Marketing Pages

Increase engagement by sharing information in a format investors prefer, fostering more informed & confident decisions.

Premium Investor Distribution & Marketing

Proven, quality POS/OS printing and investor communication tools trusted by top finance teams across the country are included. Always fast. Always simple.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Equip your entire team with actionable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and drive success across all your bond offerings.

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