BondLink provides an all-in-one debt management platform that enables issuers to easily handle numerous responsibilities with one solution. Issuers benefit from a combination of high-tech and high-touch thanks to a dedicated support team that serves as an extension of their back office. From compliance filings to identifying investors to preparing for a bond sale, our issuer-partners lower their costs and stand out in a very crowded bond market.
"Governments do some of the most important work in this country, and we're proud of the solutions we can provide to further their mission when it comes to building new roads, bridges, schools, and any other infrastructure."
Colin MacNaught
Co-Founder & CEO

We started BondLink to improve the issuer experience

BondLink CEO Colin MacNaught spent seven years issuing nearly $25 billion in bonds on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. During his tenure he was struck by the limited technological resources available to him. Investor outreach, financial disclosure, and analytics were simply too time-consuming and too inefficient. After leaving the Treasurer’s office in 2015, Colin decided to found a company that would provide issuers with the tools they need and the edge they seek. He joined up with Carl Query, a successful entrepreneur with a deep understanding of the tech startup space, Carl was the perfect complement to Colin’s municipal market acumen. BondLink was born...

BondLink serves top issuers in every sector

From states and cities, to school districts and municipal utilities, BondLink provides investor outreach solutions for issuers large and small spanning the U.S.

Best-in class partner network

We’ve partnered with industry leaders to drive more traffic to your bond sales, provide exclusive research and analysis, and simplify the disclosure process.

Open positions

BondLink is on a mission to change the face of the municipal bond market -- one issuer at a time. If you have what it takes to help, we’re excited to hear from you.

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