BondLink’s Latest Resource Saves Investors Even More Time

November 13, 2018

BondLink’s genesis was a fairly straightforward idea: A platform built for issuers, by issuers, to help them gain a market edge. While our issuer focus remains at the heart of all we do, what many people don’t know is how comprehensively we originally collected investor requirements as well. Investors are the ones actually buying bonds and helping empower and accelerate their work has always been another core tenet of BondLink’s mission.

Investors’ response has been highly positive. Due to the ease-of-navigation of our issuer client sites and the quality of information our clients disclose, thousands of investors now regularly use BondLink. And our engineers continue to build new, helpful resources with investors’ needs and requirements in mind.

As a muni analyst, I was responsible for covering 350 credits annually. You can imagine my constant search for every time-saving tool I could find. I was especially fond of issuers who made their financial information easier to locate and follow. In my investor relations role at BondLink today, I still hear my fellow analysts and investors asking for the same thing: What technology, tools and resources can I use to be even more efficient?

This frequent request was the impetus for our newly launched Bond Sale Calendar. You can check it out here.

In my investor meetings since coming to BondLink, I have consistently heard positive feedback on the quality of our platform. But with so many credits to follow on a daily basis, analysts kept asking for a better way to view BondLink client sales collectively, rather than jumping from site to site to site.

Our new Bond Sale Calendar aggregates all of our issuer clients’ sales into a single calendar, enabling investors and analysts to see what deals are coming to market and when. And by following links on the calendar, you’re directed right to the offering pages on issuer sites. Once there you can sign up to receive alerts when new items – documents, roadshows, POS, etc. – are added to the site. It’s another BondLink innovation that increases access and efficiency for our thousands of buy-side users.

I’m thrilled to share this new capability with muni analysts and investors. It will save time in their workday and is another excellent example of how BondLink’s Product, Design and Engineering teams listen to our ecosystem and use that feedback to innovate. And we will continue to translate new requirements into new enhancements that keep our platform evolving and delivering value to our rapidly expanding community. I only wish tools like this existed when I was on the buy-side.

Let me know what you think of this latest feature. Email with your thoughts and comments. I would like to open the discussion and see how the new features are working for you and/or what else you’d like to see.

Buy-Side Investor

BondLink Perspective - Former Muni Buy-Side Investor