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Colin MacNaught

BondLink CEO & Co-Founder

A former issuer for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and CEO of BondLink, Colin MacNaught has spent nearly 20 years in public finance. His work and innovations in debt financing have been recognized NFMA and SIFMA, and previously served as the vice Chair of the GFOA Debt Committee.

John "Murph" Murphy

Senior Manager, Investor Relations and Outreach

Known simply as “Murph,” John Murphy has spent more than 30 years in the municipal bond market as both a trader and an analyst. He currently serves as Senior Manager of Investor Relations and Outreach for BondLink. Murph enjoys providing his thought-leadership on the buyside.

Brendan A. McGrail

Director of Communications

A former municipal bond reporter for Bloomberg News and corporate communications executive in the financial sector, Brendan serves as Director of Communications for BondLink.

Tom Paolicelli

Senior Manager, Business Development

A sell-side expert, Tom Paolicelli has issued more than $30 billion in bonds during his over 20 years in public service. Most recently the chief deputy treasurer for San Diego County, Tom was previously executive director of the New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority – one of the largest finance entities in the U.S. Tom was also a vice president and senior analyst at the Moody’s Investors Service U.S. public infrastructure team.