Danbury Launches New Investor Relations Site in Advance of Upcoming Bond Sale

July 6, 2018 

BondLink today announced the City of Danbury has launched an investor relations website, BuyDanburyBonds.com, in advance of the city’s upcoming sale of $39 million in bonds and notes on July 10. The new site is designed to drive participation in the city’s municipal bond financing programs and is part of Danbury’s ongoing efforts to harness available technology to improve investor engagement, as well as provide an additional level of transparency and disclosure for Danbury bondholders and potential investors.

Next week’s sale includes $15.5 million in general obligation bonds, rated Aa1/AA+/AAA, and an additional $23.5 million in bond anticipation notes. Complete details of the sale, including the Preliminary Official Statement, are available on the new site.

“The City of Danbury remains committed to providing our taxpayers, and investors, with the highest levels of transparency and financial disclosure,” Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton said. “By utilizing this technology, we can achieve optimal borrowing costs in our capital financing.”

BuyDanburyBonds.com is a corporate-style investor relations site, featuring more than 5,000 pages of data and documents detailing the credit fundamentals behind Danbury’s excellent credit ratings. The platform is powered by BondLink, a Boston-based financial technology company that provides investor outreach solutions to issuers in the $4 trillion municipal bond market. BondLink currently serves high-profile issuers such as California, Chicago and the University of Texas.

“Danbury is a highly rated municipal issuer with a robust capital improvement plan, and we’re excited to help connect them with an even larger pool of investors – including Connecticut residents,” BondLink Co-Founder and CEO Colin MacNaught said.

Investors of all sizes, from large institutions to small, retail buyers – such as Danbury residents – will enjoy the access to information on the easy-to-navigate website. The platform’s tools make credit surveillance simpler for investors, who can register for alerts as documents and sales are added.

Academic research shows improved disclosure produces improved borrowing costs, which is ultimately the long-term goal of an investor outreach site. BondLink’s platform will facilitate Danbury’s engagement with the market, enhance its transparency and diversify its investor pool. Additionally, using a dedicated investor website also follows best practices from government finance organizations such as the Government Finance Officers Association.

About BondLink

Led by founders Colin MacNaught, CEO, and Carl Query, CTO, BondLink helps issuers in the $4 trillion municipal bond market attract more investors through better disclosure and enhanced technology. BondLink enables institutional investors to automate their credit surveillance of an issuer like the City of Danbury, and makes it easier for smaller investors, including individuals, to participate in public bond sales.

Since going live in 2016, BondLink has been powering the investor outreach of top issuers in nearly every state and every sector of the bond market. Headquartered in Boston, BondLink is backed by top investors, including Franklin Templeton Investments, one of the largest municipal bond fund managers in the country.